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"In Ike Allday’s “Late Arrival” album he does something that most artist forget about now a days which is focus on the listeners enjoyment rather than simply showing off his lyrical ability. While a lot of artist scream money over everything, money over b*tches, etc…I love the fact that Ike puts Dreams Over Everything... Overall it is a great project"
-Brit The Brain,

"Ike is a Houston native MC just trying to make his own lane in the rap game.  He dropped off his latest track Speakers Up to us yesterday, & if he keeps spitting fire like this he will do more than make his own lane.  Keep an eye out for this kid, mixtape is on the way!"

"H-town's Ike Allday delivers his debut project entitled, 'Late Arrival.'  The 9-track EP is loaded with deep lyrics, catchy wordplay & off the wall production courtesy of Strings.  Expect to hear a lot more from the rising emcee, we co-sign the dope'ness."

"Houston is on its way back to the top and Ike is doing his part to bring it back."
-Danny A, view

"Just stumbled upon Houston, TX up and comer Ike Allday and his latest hip hop hit “Cigarillos” featuring Kayla. The track will capture your attention right from the jump with some hard hitting, true to life lyricism from Ike Allday. I gotta commend Ike on the story telling aspect of the track; it gave real depth to the record as a whole. Ike is complimented in a big way by an amazingly catchy hook performed by Kayla who also throws a nice little bridge on the record as well. The song is topped off with a gnarly electric guitar medley which adds a whole other level of coolness to the song as it plays out. Big fan of the sound of this one from beginning to end, I’ll definitely be on the look out for more from Ike Allday in the near future!"

"Ike All day is a rapper from Houston, Texas who just released the music video for his hit hip hop track "Cigarillos". The beat was produced by Strings and is held down in a big way by Ike's hard hitting well received bars throughout.The track is topped off with an awesome electric guitar solo at the end which makes for something pretty exceptional when all is said and done"
-Justin Espinosa,

"Kinda chill but I’m feeling it. Dude don’t really got no info up and it’s the only video on his youtube so no way to track him down. I think that’s cool though. He’s like a hiphop Santa Clause. Sneak it…leave lyrics on your YouTube and he’s gone before you wake up. I know, sort of lame but its late. Work with me people."
-Brit The Brain,


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Late Arrival

by Ike Allday

Better late then never! Neoteric artist Ike Allday has finally released his appropriately titled debut album, Late Arrival.

Although relatively new to the hip hop music scene, Ike has already created a buzz with his first two singles 'Speakers Up' and 'Cigarillos', released earlier this year. Throughout the 9 track album, there are features with long time high school friend A Train. Ike teamed up with eclectic producer Strings for this album based on his electric sounds and off the wall creations to give his fans a breakout sound missing in this industry.

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